✬Bulgarian American Police Association✬

Igor Damjanov from the Bulgarian National Television (BNT), interviews B.A.P.A. member Officer Dillan Krasteff from NYPD on the morning talk show “100% Awake”.

 “ABC News” interview with B.A.P.A.’s police officer, Dillan Krasteff from NYPD, who saved the life of a 3 month old infant on March 21, 2021

A nicely done video by Chicago.BG.

A group interview with B.A.P.A. members from different US states for the Bulgarian National Television (BNT).

B.A.P.A.’s Deputy Sheriff Kiril Vassev speaks to “120 Minutes”, on BTV, about the Presidential Inauguration.

A “live” interview before the Presidential Inauguration, with B.A.P.A.’s officer David Bekov on “Bulgaria on Air”.

B.A.P.A. was featured on the popular Bulgarian TV show “120 Minutes” on BTV.

An interview done in 2015 by Detective Mario Valkov, B.A.P.A.’s president.
B.A.P.A.’s very own Nevada Highway Trooper Stoyan Georgiev saves a scared dog on a busy Las Vegas highway.
Chicago Police Officer David Bekov speaks to the Bulgarian TV station “B.N.T.”.
Statement from B.A.P.A.’s Vice President, Officer Bonev, on Bulgarian National TV.
Our B.A.P.A. member from the New York Police Department, Officer Dillan Krasteff  was part of those millions of positive interactions that  Mike O’Meara talks about.
B.A.P.A.’s Officer Dimitar Dzherikarov from the Hillsboro Police Department, speaks in an official video about the police department’s mission.
Officer Brian Bonev and Detective Mario Valkov participating in a video podcast hosted by Konstantin Marinov a.k.a. Kosta.